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SportJoe is a network for sports enthusiasts. For YOU. For YOUR community. Find sports partners or teams in your area and train together. Free of charge. No ads. No subscription. No fuss. 100% sports community.

How it works DOING SPORTS – TOGETHER has never been easier

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Creating teams COMMUNITY BUILDING has never been easier

  1. 1 Create teams Organize your team and create events within
  2. 2 Private teams For members only: Only visible to your closed community.
  3. 3 Invite members Invite people to train together in your team
  4. 4 Use our video tool Flexible training with the video tool. Together. Anytime. Everywhere.
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Creating Networks CONNECTING SPORTSPEOPLE has never been easier

Referenzen Unser Netzwerk: Kunden und Partner

  • Placeholder City Sports Council KölnThe SportInKöln App The mobile Sports App of the City Sports Council Köln was developed by SportJoe and offers comprehensive information on the wide range of exercises and sports activities offered by Cologne's sports clubs. For every age, a wide variety of sports participation opportunities can be found for beginners to professionals, from American football to Zumba.
  • Placeholder Turnkiste GmbH Training equipment at exclusive locations. The Turnkiste provides training utensils such as kettle bells and medicine balls at exclusive locations for your training. No need to transport everything to the park. SportJoe is a partner of turnkiste.de and supports you in the search for suitable training buddies.
  • Placeholder Monique König Personal Trainer After her school teacher career, Monique has been an independent PT since 2017 and has made her passion to her profession. She is now a veteran in the trend sport Calisthenics and regularly provides her community with exciting events and taster sessions via SportJo
  • Placeholder BVMW Bundesverband mitteständische Wirtschaft The BVMW represents the interests of small and medium-sized businesses in Germany across all professions and industries. SportJoe has been a member of the BVMW since 2023.

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